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UMOVE Online VideoDance Festival beginning October 1st!

Bringing our Videodance Film Festival directly to your computer, lap top, and mobile phone! At the festival link ( audiences can view the selected program and browse the complete catalogue of over 50 festival submissions. Attend the Launch party in NYC October 4th and celebrate these artists. Enjoy an evening of music, dance performances, and selected dance films during our 7:30 and 9:30 screenings.

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Dance Legend Pina Bausch Lives on in 3-D!

Known for her expressive dance form, called ‘Tanztheater’ or ‘dance theatre’, choreographer Pina Bausch distinguished herself from the formalism of classical ballet and post modern forms of dance. Bausch was interested in showcasing “WHAT” moves people, instead of “HOW” people move. Her work ushered in a new era of dance shaped by startling images and high drama — which engendered both adulation and harsh criticism. Film maker Wim Wellers pays tribute to Bausch with a film retrospective documentary of Bausch done in 3-D. Continue reading

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Dance Tributes to Dance Legends: Frankie Manning, the King of Swing

As mourning for dance GREATS have been felt deeply as of late, most recently with Merce Cunningham, Pina Bausch, Michael Jackson, and Frankie Manning, 2009 has balanced this sadness with jubilation and a renewed celebration for dancing. This posting celebrates the life-long Lindy Hop dancer, Frankie Manning, and showcases his impact on dance across generations and across the globe. Continue reading

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This Week’s Contest Winners: Summer or Winter

This week, as a tribute to the first days of summer, we explored the theme, “Summer or Winter.” Most of the works we received were site-specific and dealt with the elemental nature of the seasons. Others took an abstract/conceptual approach, and explored the inner psychological states of winter (isolation, sparseness, coldness) and summer (nurturing, abundance, warmth). For us, this pair of themes seemed like a good opportunity to acknowledge the attraction dancers have to making site-specific videos. Continue reading

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Nijinsky Dances on Film….sort of

If you haven’t read it yet, check out Joan Acocella’s article, “The Faun,” in this week’s New Yorker about Christian Comte, a French artist, who makes animations from still images. Recently he chose Vaslav Nijinsky, the much revered Ballet Russe dancer and choreographer, as his subject, and posted what appeared to be film fragments of the artist on YouTube that were never known to exist before. The appearance of the clips sparked a frenzy of excitement and debate among balletomanes and dance historians. Continue reading

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Modern or Classical? Two Opposing Styles That Seem to be Merging in New Dance Media

This week’s theme was Modern or Classical as it applies to the styles of filming, choreography, and music. We discovered in viewing the submissions, that there were a great deal of gray areas in trying to categorize a piece under one specific style. Continue reading

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Top Ten Vlogging Tips from Boris Willis

Boris Willis was our curator for our last Kinetic Cinema of the season. The subject of his evening was dance vlogs: a video blog with dance. As an experienced dance vlogger, Boris has many insights into the process of creating videos, performing for the camera, editing, and using the web to share his work online. He has graciously offered some helpful information about making dance videos, and creating dance vlogs. Continue reading

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