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I am the Director of Movement Media at Pentacle. I publish Move the Frame, a blog about all things dance and film related. I am a dance film-maker, choreographer, and renaissance woman!

ADF Screendance Journal Available for Download

The papers presented at last year’s Screendance: State of the Art2 Conference at the American Dance Festival have just been posted online and are available for download. It is nice to revisit the ideas around curating that were presented at that conference, as I’m in the process of planning next Fall’s Kinetic Cinema series. My paper was all about the model of artist-driven curating that I have been cultivating through Kinetic Cinema. I wrote a couple of follow-up posts on this blog about the Screendance conference at ADF last summer here and here if you would like to follow the thread of the discussion. Continue reading

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Creating a Lexicon for Screendance

If you are obsessed with dance film, as I am, you probably notice dance pop up all the time in mainstream media – in commercials, music videos, movie musicals, experimental films, and even in the middle of sitcoms. All of these are established genres in which dance has and continue to thrives in today, so why bother establishing a separate category for dance film that no one knows about? Continue reading

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Kinetic Cinema that Kicks Ass! Follow up to Marya Wethers’ “Bad Ass Babes” Program

At the last Kinetic Cinema screening on March 11th, guest curator Marya Wethers showed at a different side of the screendance spectrum than our usual experimental fare: Hollywood action films that feature powerful female leads kicking butt. Continue reading

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Pentacle’s Anna Brady Nuse featured in March issue of Dancer Magazine

Jessica LaCombe wrote a great article in Dancer Magazine this month about making dance for screen, and I was honored to be included in it.
The article gives a well-organized overview of the state of the field today, and some practical advice for new would-be film-makers coming from a background in dance. Continue reading

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Richert Schnorr’s Pop/Rock/Porn/Dance Video blog!

I just want to take a moment to crush on Richert Schnorr’s amazing dance videos that look so damn good on his video blog, REGULARMOTION. Take a look and you’ll see what I’m saying. Continue reading

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Follow-up to Doug Fox’s Animation Program

Last week we had a great Kinetic Cinema program at Chez Bushwick. Doug Fox (blogger and founder of Great Dance and a budding animator himself) went above and beyond the curatorial call of duty to give us a real feast for the eyes with his survey of eighteen (yes 18!) dance and movement-based animations. Continue reading

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Reminder: Doug Fox’s Dance Animation Program Tonight!

Buzz is spreading about our Kinetic Cinema program tonight featuring Dance Animation picks by Doug Fox, founder and blogger of Great Dance. I’ve been lucky enough to get some advance peeks and can attest that each of the seventeen short works being shown tonight is more beautiful and jaw-dropping than the next. It’s a smorgasbord of delights for the visual and kinetically inclined… Continue reading

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