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Welcome to Move the Frame – where dance meets the camera.

This blog is dedicated to supporting and promoting videodance, a hybrid of dance and media arts, also known as dance film, cinedance, screendance, and kinodance.

I started Move the Frame in 2004 as a television show for cable access in New York City where I showcased short videodances from around the world and featured interviews with different directors and choreographers.

Now as a blog, Move the Frame serves as a public forum to show and discuss many aspects of videodance including, but not limited to: the state of the art, practices and examples from around the world, its history, its impact on and relationship to live dance performance, artistic & theoretical concepts, production tips, fundraising, marketing & distribution, and profiles of different artists.

The videodance world is small, but growing rapidly. We welcome your comments, whether you are a veteran dance film-maker, or someone who has never seen this kind of work before. Diverse points of view and experience levels are encouraged. Let me know about videodances you’ve seen, made, or are working on right now. If you have a call for submissions, article, idea of story to share, please email me.

Anna Brady Nuse

Director of Movement Media




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  1. Wes Howard says:

    Anna Brady Nuse, Ludo and I are going to do a series of environmental dance duets in natural setting (France and Azores). Our association is called Island of Dance, art by nature. We are sponsored by the Région Languedoc Roussillon and are based in Castelnaudary France et on Corvo Island in the Azores. I would appreciate all useful information concerning submission of DVDs to be sold through internet. Does Pentacle do that? Sorry our site is only in French but the images speak quite well… Thank you in advance for your response. Wes

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