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Movement Media’s Fall Calendar and Programs

Movement Media is happy to announce:

* Kinetic Cinema Film Screenings each Month in 2009
* UMOVE Festival Screening & Launch Party on October 4th
* Workshops on Filming Dance in 2009
* Kinetic Cinema Screenings and Workshops at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.
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UMOVE Submission Deadline Extended!!

UMOVE Online Videodance Festival deadline has been extended to September 9, 2009!!

In order to celebrate the creativity and diversity of kinetic cinema in all its forms, from dance/film to gaming, from animation to mash-ups, we have extended the deadline for submissions for the following categories:Animation/Gaming, Cell phone, and Gone in 60 seconds. Continue reading

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10 Dance and Movement Animations

Doug Fox has been studying and researching all forms of animation, especially as they relate to dance and movement. Doug’s research led to the creation of his dance animation educational program for artists and dance-makers. Enjoy Doug’s picks of animated videodances in this week’s blog posting. Continue reading

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Dance Legend Pina Bausch Lives on in 3-D!

Known for her expressive dance form, called ‘Tanztheater’ or ‘dance theatre’, choreographer Pina Bausch distinguished herself from the formalism of classical ballet and post modern forms of dance. Bausch was interested in showcasing “WHAT” moves people, instead of “HOW” people move. Her work ushered in a new era of dance shaped by startling images and high drama — which engendered both adulation and harsh criticism. Film maker Wim Wellers pays tribute to Bausch with a film retrospective documentary of Bausch done in 3-D. Continue reading

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Dance Tributes Around the World for the Dance Legend, Michael Jackson

This week we pay tribute to Michael Jackson who continues to affect the world as seen through the arts. Dancers and media artists have been making documented tributes to his legacy.
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