Movement Media Videodance Contest Winners: ‘Public or Private’

by Mollie Shapiro

Thank you to everyone who submitted a video for this week’s theme of “Public or Private.”  We were thrilled with the interest and enthusiasm that the exploration of this theme sparked.  Next week’s theme is “Pop Dance Phenomenon”.  For this theme we are asking you to nominate your favorite Youtube viral dance hit, rather than submit a work of your own (unless you happen to be the hit-maker!).  All nominations are due by July 21st, and the contest winners will be announced on July 24th.  Please scroll to the bottom of this post for more information.

This week’s winning videos are:

“Pretending to be Something, Now Coming from Nothing” by Adam McKinney and Agulhas Theatre Works representing our Public category


“Eye Vanish” by Marisa C. Hayes representing our Private category

Public or Private
As the use of social media networks continues to rise, individual’s privacy has become increasingly difficult to maintain. A huge trend on YouTube are private dances captured on video and then posted for public viewing. On the other hand, public performances not before possible, such as a site-specific work filmed in the middle of the desert, can subsequently be put online and viewed by millions. As we watched the submissions for this weeks theme, it became obvious that the formerly clear distinction between private and public is now totally ambiguous. Nearly all of the submissions could have easily fit into both categories. Ultimately, we chose two videos that we felt most strongly embraced each category.

Public: “Pretending to be Something, Now Coming from Nothing”
Adam McKinney and Agulhas Theatre Works’ “Pretending to be Something, Now Coming from Nothing,” captured the essence of a public work because it documents events performed for audiences in their native South Africa. This touching video draws attention to people who are not usually in the public eye, and generally ignored by society. Able-bodied and disabled dancers perform fluidly side by side on stages ranging from an abandoned drug house in a shanty town to a modern dance performance venue. The video evokes a sense of comradery through movement. By weaving the performances together through editing, it shows that beauty can be found everywhere, if one just gives it an opportunity to be seen.

More about Adam McKinney and this project:

Private: “Eye Vanish”
Originally created for the Moscow Outdoor Video Festival, Marisa C. Hayes’ “Eye Vanish” is a poetic and concise visualization of how new technological mediums have led us to question and alter our sense of privacy. By using a web cam, a very personal communication channel, Hayes explores where or even if a separation can be established between private and public. The dancer seems to be performing for us, the voyeurs behind the camera’s lens. Her movements are curious and deliberate, as she chooses what to reveal. In the end, she tries to break through to see into the eye that is watching her. Her eye and the camera’s eye merge and obliterate each other in a futile attempt to know what the other sees.

More about Marisa C. Hayes:

Please leave us a comment, and let us know what you think about private and public, this week’s winners, and anything else you’d like to share!

Next Week’s Theme for Movement Media’s Online Video Dance Contest:
Theme: Pop Dance Phenomenon
Submissions are due by Tuesday July 21st.
Winners will be announced on Move the Frame on Friday July 24th.

As technological advancements continue to create seismic shifts in society and culture, Youtube has emerged as the new hit-maker of today. Videos by amateurs and professionals alike that would never be shown on TV are discovered all the time, and spread like tidal waves through virtual word of mouth. Video killed the radio star, and now YouTube is killing the MTV star.

In dedication to the King of Pop himself, who’s music videos defined a generation and inspired dozens of YouTube hits alone (remember the Philipino Prisoners’ “Thriller”?), for this theme, we would like you to nominate your favorite viral dance video.  What pop dance phenomenon has captured your attention?  Do you love the “Where the hell is Matt” video? Perhaps your favorite is the “T-Mobile dance.”  Whatever your favorite video may be, pass it along to us to we can showcase it on next week’s blog.  We’re excited to see your nominations.


* Submissions may be made by anyone – artists, film makers, and anyone who knows of online videos that fit the weekly themes.
* The video submitted must be under 10 minutes long.
* Pick/Submit one video to represent only one of the weekly themes.
* Send the link of the video to Movement Media
* The video submitted needs to be embeddable, ie hosted on YouTube or another sharable online video platform.
* Include a short biography/artist statement (if it is your work).
* For every submission, include a short summary that describes why you have chosen a particular video for the contest and describe how it relates to the weekly theme.
* Include a brief synopsis of the video.
* Include a link to your website (if you have one)
* Include your email address

Email all information to
If your submission is chosen for the weekly contest, we will contact you directly.

Impetus for Contest Participants

* Have your videos seen by an online audience who’s interested in movement-based video.
* Receive publicity for your work/work of others
* Receive comments and feedback
* Automatic consideration for live screening at Kinetic Cinema in NYC.
* Automatic consideration for UMOVE, Movement Media’s Online Dance Film Festival in October 2009.


The final week of July will be guest curated by Doug Fox of

In August, we are seeking submissions for the First Annual UMOVE Online Videodance Festival! Please see submission details here:

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3 Responses to Movement Media Videodance Contest Winners: ‘Public or Private’

  1. Thank you for sharing my work here. I really appreciate all the video dance that’s been selected here as well as this blog in general! Keep up the great momentum!

  2. What a wonderful honor! Thank you!

    This collaboration with Agulhas Theatre Works ( of Johannesburg, South Africa, provided an opportunity to break the isolation that ableism (oppression based on ability) often breeds. To read more about this particular project, please visit:

    I am also working on a new dance, film, and community action project, which confronts border and immigration policies and laws called “The Borders Project” with YaaSamar! Dance Theatre ( Stay tuned for this dance video!

    Warm wishes, Adam

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