This Week’s Videodance Contest Winners for the Theme ‘Rehearsal or Performance’

by Mollie Shapiro

Although the first month of our Videodance Contest has come to an end, we have a whole new crop of themes for the month of July. Our next theme is “Classroom or Stage.” All submissions and nominations are due by July 7th, and the contest winners will be announced on July 10th. Please scroll to the bottom of this post for more information on how to submit.

The winning videos for this week’s Videodance Contest for the theme “Rehearsal or Performance” are:

“Chunky Move’s Mortal Engine” by Chunky Move representing our performance category

There is an issue with the YouTube embeddable player, so please go to this link to watch “Mortal Coil”:


“One on One” by Caleb Custer for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet’s Project 52

Rehearsal or Performance

When watching a performance, it is easy to become so wrapped up in a piece that you lose sight of the meticulous rehearsal process behind the polished execution. This week’s theme is an examination of the dichotomy between rehearsal and performance. While strongly interconnected, the differences between these two stages in the creative process are immense. Rehearsals often function as laboratories to experiment with movement material, and then hone in on the composition and execution of the movements. Once a piece reaches the performance stage, the focus shifts to how it looks to outside viewers (the audience). At this point visual effects such as lighting, costumes, and sets are incorporated, to create a seamless magical experience for the viewer.

Performance: Chunky Move’s “Mortal Engine”

“Mortal Engine” by the iconoclastic Australian dance company, Chunky Move (, is unique in that it incorporates choreography and animated visual effects to create a completely new hybrid form: an “intermedia” performance. The video of the performance is very effective at capturing the magic of this mingling of media and live performance, giving us a great sense of what it was like to see it in the theater. When watching this piece, it’s hard to fathom how it was made. The performance is utterly captivating and fascinating to watch. The technology behind the piece is a program called Calypso, that uses real-time generated graphics to accompany each dancer’s movements. To create the incredible effects shown on the stage, a projector shoots onto the floor, next to an infrared camera, which is next to infrared lights. Nick Roux, the operator for another performance by Chunky Move using this technology entitled “Glow,” explains that the camera, which is lined up exactly with the image of the projector, tracks the movement of the dancer and sends it to a computer running the program Calypso. The operator then responds to the choreography through a series of cues to create the stunning visual effects that move in time with the dancers. The sophistication of technology for real-time performance has made giant advances in recent years. Chunky Move has utilized these new technologies to great effect, making work that not only breaks technological barriers, but is also artistically innovative.

Rehearsal: “One on One” by Caleb Custer for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet’s Project 52
Our winning rehearsal video, “One on One” is part of Project 52, a series of one-minute videos being posted each week for an entire year by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet ( Each video is intended to give audiences a window into the company’s rehearsal process and give them information about the new pieces they are working on. “One on One” is about the exploratory zone of the rehearsal process in which the dancer must find the specific intention behind each movement in order to execute it with precision. In this video the rehearsal director explains that you cannot expect a dancer to fully absorb the information or grasp the concept of each movement after one rehearsal. Time must be spent one on one with the dancer in order to give the important information necessary to fully comprehend the movements. The rigorous concentration required for each movement is what makes rehearsing dance such a complex and extensive process.

Project 52 is a great example of how a dance company can continue to engage audiences even when they are off-stage. By showing the vigorous work that goes into each polished performance, audiences gain new appreciation for what they see, and are more informed about the piece. Dance is one of the most misunderstood art forms. A common question from audiences after seeing a modern dance performance is, What was that supposed to be about? An online rehearsal video series like Cedar Lake’s Project 52 can help audiences feel more clued into the performance they are watching, and give them a much richer and more meaningful experience.

Please leave us a comment, and let us know what you think about rehearsal and performance videos, this week’s winners, and anything else you’d like to share!

Next Week’s Theme for Movement Media’s Online Video Dance Contest

Theme: Classroom or Stage

Submissions are due by Tuesday July 7th.

Winners will be announced on Move the Frame on Friday July 10th.

Classroom could mean training videos, how-to videos, dance teachers and students, field study, or any other learning environment. Stage could mean performance, showing before an audience (of any size), the completion of a course of study, or any other final stage of a creative/learning process.

Please submit or nominate a video for one of these categories and tell us how you interpreted this theme.


  • Submissions may be made by anyone – artists, film makers, and anyone who knows of online videos that fit the weekly themes.
  • The video submitted must be under 10 minutes long.
  • Pick/Submit one video to represent only one of the weekly themes.
  • Send the link of the video to Movement Media
  • The video submitted needs to be embeddable, ie hosted on YouTube or another sharable online video platform.
  • Include a short biography/artist statement (if it is your work).
  • For every submission, include a short summary that describes why you have chosen a particular video for the contest and describe how it relates to the weekly theme.
  • Include a brief synopsis of the video.
  • Include a link to your website (if you have one)
  • Include your email address

Email all information to
If your submission is chosen for the weekly contest, we will contact you directly

Impetus for Contest Participants

  • Have your videos seen by an online audience who’s interested in movement-based video.
  • Receive publicity for your work/work of others
  • Receive comments and feedback
  • Automatic consideration for live screening at Kinetic Cinema in NYC.
  • Automatic consideration for UMOVE, Movement Media’s Online Dance Film Festival in October 2009 (information and submission guidelines to be announced in early July).


Week three: Private or Public
Submissions due by July 14th. Weekly Contest winners will be announced on July 17th.

Week four: Pop Dance Phenomenon
Submissions due by July 21st. Weekly Contest winners will be announced on July 24th.

The final week of July will be guest curated by Doug Fox of

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