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Dance Tributes to Dance Legends: Frankie Manning, the King of Swing

As mourning for dance GREATS have been felt deeply as of late, most recently with Merce Cunningham, Pina Bausch, Michael Jackson, and Frankie Manning, 2009 has balanced this sadness with jubilation and a renewed celebration for dancing. This posting celebrates the life-long Lindy Hop dancer, Frankie Manning, and showcases his impact on dance across generations and across the globe. Continue reading

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Movement Media Videodance Contest Winners: Pop Dance Phenomenon!

Although there are many videodances that have gone viral on YouTube, the six that we have selected are each strong representations of one of three categories; “The Earlies,” “Global Phenomenons,” or “Sponsors/Marketing.” Enjoy watching these delightful videos! Afterwards, let us know what you think by posting a comment about on our blog. The UMOVE festival will showcase more videodances, so stay tuned in 2009 for more wonderful works by artists from across the globe.
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ADF Screendance Journal Available for Download

The papers presented at last year’s Screendance: State of the Art2 Conference at the American Dance Festival have just been posted online and are available for download. It is nice to revisit the ideas around curating that were presented at that conference, as I’m in the process of planning next Fall’s Kinetic Cinema series. My paper was all about the model of artist-driven curating that I have been cultivating through Kinetic Cinema. I wrote a couple of follow-up posts on this blog about the Screendance conference at ADF last summer here and here if you would like to follow the thread of the discussion. Continue reading

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Movement Media Videodance Contest Winners: ‘Public or Private’

As the use of social media networks continues to rise, individual’s privacy has become increasingly difficult to maintain. A huge trend on YouTube are private dances captured on video and then posted for public viewing. On the other hand, public performances not before possible, such as a site-specific work filmed in the middle of the desert, can subsequently be put online and viewed by millions. As we watched the submissions for this weeks theme, it became obvious that the formerly clear distinction between private and public is now totally ambiguous. Nearly all of the submissions could have easily fit into both categories. Ultimately, we chose two videos that we felt most strongly embraced each category Continue reading

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Announcing UMOVE Online Videodance Festival

Pentacle’s Movement Media announces the First Annual UMove Online Videodance Festival from October 1-31, 2009 on the web and at select screening locations across the US and around the world in 2009-10. Continue reading

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This Week’s Videodance Contest – Classroom or Stage

Thank you to everyone who submitted or nominated a work for this week’s theme of “Classroom or Stage.” Continue reading

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This Week’s Videodance Contest Winners for the Theme ‘Rehearsal or Performance’

The winning videos for this week’s Videodance Contest for the theme “Rehearsal or Performance” are:

“Chunky Move’s Mortal Engine” by Chunky Move representing our performance category and “One on One” by Caleb Custer for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet’s Project 52.

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