Dance Films Seen Through the Lens of Pro Sports at Kinetic Cinema

Just in time for the new baseball season, at the next Kinetic Cinema on April 8th choreographer, performer and videographer, Lisa Niedermeyer will present an evening of screen dance through the lens of professional sports. Alongside special guest, sports videographer Ray Wenzel Jr., Niedermeyer will present and discuss dance films that feature heightened Speed, Kinetic Response, Spectacle, Competition and Endurance. Featuring the work of dance film-makers: Charles Dennis, Alan McIntyre Smith, Lemeh42, Miriam King, Kristi Faulkner and Sylvain White.

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Curated by Lisa Niedermeyer

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 7:00pm

Tickets: $10 (purchase at the door)

Chez Bushwick
304 Boerum St., Buzzer #11
Brooklyn, NY 11206
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*A co-presentation of Chez Bushwick and Pentacle’s Movement Media


InFormations (excerpt)
Directed/Edited by Charles Dennis Choreographed by Stephan Koplowitz
POV- Multiple Angles

InFormations by Charles Dennis and Stephan Koplowitz

InFormations by Charles Dennis and Stephan Koplowitz

Film maker Charles Dennis documents Stephan Koplowitz’s site specific work, InFormations, performed at The New York Performing Arts Library in celebration of its 2001 inaugural re-opening. 40 performers are captured indoors and out doors from a total of 18 different camera angles, including one camera 50 feet above Lincoln Center.

Directed by Lemeh42
POV- Kinetic Response

Italian video artist duo Lemeh42‘s study on choreography, Illusion for Movements, increases our heart rate and suspends our breath with a brief but extremely intense physical experience.

Directed/Edited by Alan McIntyre Smith
POV- Capturing Speed

The fast and furious partnering of ballroom dancers, often seen by the naked eye as a blur of sequins and bright smiles, is captured with clarity in Alan McIntyre Smith’s delightful animation, Jumpy Ballroom.

Directed by Anthony Atanasio Choreographed/Performed by Miriam King
POV- Competition and Endurance

DUST by Anthony Atanasio and Miriam King

DUST by Anthony Atanasio and Miriam King

Miriam King’s butoh-influenced dance film, DUST, traces her solitary journey as a stranded, long distance swimmer within a waterless world.

VESTED (excerpt)
Directed and Choreographed by Kristi Faulkner
POV- Effort as Story Telling

VESTED by Kristi Faulkner

VESTED by Kristi Faulkner

The choice of location gradually transforms its framing context in Kristi
Faulkner’s VESTED, as seven uniformed women move in athletic abandon inside an empty raquet ball court.

STOMP THE YARD (excerpt)
Directed by Sylvain White Choreography by Dave Scott
POV- Spectacle

In preparation for the full feature dance film, STOMP THE YARD, Hollywood film maker Sylvain White studied sports videography for inspiration

Curator’s note:

“I am not a film maker or editor or video designer. Although I have enjoyed many wonderful art making and collaborative experiences in these specific roles since moving to NYC in 2001, I come to Kinetic Cinema as an audience member. An audience member who simply wants to be moved by movement, in all the wild and vastly different ways this is possible with screen dance. My mixed pedigree of performer, designer, and production informs me as an advocate and curator.” – Lisa Niedermeyer

Special guest, Ray Wenzel Jr. has been a professional sports videographer for 18 years, traveling to 7 different countries and throughout the  US, shooting for every major sporting league in the USA including: NFL, WNBA, MLB, NHL, WBA (boxing), MLS (Soccer), PBA (Bowling), PBR(Bull Riding), NASCAR, NHRA (Drag Racing) and IndyCar, and with every major sports network in the USA including: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, SPEED, VERSUS, TURNER, and CMT. Wenzel has been behind the camera for the Summer and Winter XGames, Winter Goodwill games, US Track & Field and several Emmy nominated shows, including The Indy 500, and The Daytona 500. Non-sports would include Legal Depositions, Documentaries, Fashion Shows, and various Studio shows.  If pressed to choose which Sport is his favorite to capture with his camera, IndyCar Racing wins every time, his independent production company is Lightspeed Productions.

About Kinetic Cinema

Kinetic Cinema is a co-presentation of Chez Bushwick and Pentacle’s Movement Media project, and happens on the second Wednesday of each month as part of a weekly dance, visual & media arts series at Chez Bushwick. Exploring the intersection of dance and the moving image, each screening features a different guest artist from the fields of dance and the media arts films who share a selection of films and videos that have inspired them. These could be works for screen that feature dance, are kinetic-based, or have been influential on their work in some way. The guest curators come from a range of backgrounds as performers, choreographers, critics, video artists, and filmmakers.

Next month on May 13th, Victoria Murphy, a screendance-maker,  will present “Is it live or is it Cinedance?” a program of films that illustrate her personal definition of the genre.

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