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The Radiant Movement Presents a Dance Film Night in Queens

Kinetic Cinema has company! A new monthly dance film series has started in Queens curated by Alexx Shilling at her dance/yoga/Pilates studio in Long Island City, The Radiant Movement. The Dance Film Nights happen on the last Sunday of each month. This Sunday, March 29th you can see a great documentary about the “mother” of experimental dance film, Maya Deren as well as shorts by acclaimed choreographer/performer Maureen Fleming. Continue reading

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Kinetic Cinema that Kicks Ass! Follow up to Marya Wethers’ “Bad Ass Babes” Program

At the last Kinetic Cinema screening on March 11th, guest curator Marya Wethers showed at a different side of the screendance spectrum than our usual experimental fare: Hollywood action films that feature powerful female leads kicking butt. Continue reading

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Jaki Levy looks at Dance on the Web at the next Artist Salon at Chez Bushwick March 25th

At the next Artist Salon on March 25th at Chez Bushwick, Jaki Levy, founder of Arrow Root Media and new media producer for Misnomer Dance, Martha Graham Dance Co. and others, will be looking at dance work created specifically for the web. Dance on Camera has already established itself as a viable medium for showcasing dance + performance. However, there is a growing trend of artists creating and adapting work specifically for the web. Continue reading

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Pentacle’s Anna Brady Nuse featured in March issue of Dancer Magazine

Jessica LaCombe wrote a great article in Dancer Magazine this month about making dance for screen, and I was honored to be included in it.
The article gives a well-organized overview of the state of the field today, and some practical advice for new would-be film-makers coming from a background in dance. Continue reading

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A.O.’s Production Blog: Business model/SIDE project.

As i touched on briefly during my “Epic” program at chez bushwick, and am now publishing to my blog, this piece (in terms of the overall film and dance project) is equally an artistic and a marketing exploration. Don’t let it dissuade you or turn you off – i’m not saying that it’s commercial or that it compromises artistic integrity to be marketable – quite the opposite! What i’m doing here is engineering the best system with which to a) make my work, b) showcase said work, and c) gain some profit (or at least don’t go into debt) from said showcasing, which will d) allow me to attack the process cycle all over again. Continue reading

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Richert Schnorr’s Pop/Rock/Porn/Dance Video blog!

I just want to take a moment to crush on Richert Schnorr’s amazing dance videos that look so damn good on his video blog, REGULARMOTION. Take a look and you’ll see what I’m saying. Continue reading

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Next at Kinetic Cinema: Marýa Wethers Gives a Guide to “Bad Ass Babes” from the Movies

For the past 12 years, Marýa Wethers, has been a major contributor to the experimental dance community in NYC as a performer, administrator, and currently as the Associate Producer at Dance Theater Workshop. What you may not know is that she is also a huge action movie fan. At Kinetic Cinema on Wed March 11th, Marýa will share clips of selected scenes from some of her favorite Hollywood action movies with a female lead or a strong female character. The clips will follow themes such as hand-to-hand combat, weapons, and car chases. These scenes go beyond silly cat fights and show some bad-ass women kicking some serious butt. Wowser! Continue reading

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