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A.O.’s Production Blog: the project starts

I’m back, and ready to dive in with you and bring you up to date on this new project/piece/film/thing that i’ve been working on. I’ve been working with my company, the A.O. Movement Collective, since the beginning of September on a new piece. At first, we weren’t sure whether we wanted to be making a piece for the stage, or for film, but we decided that we’d make the film version first (which i’m hoping will be feature-length when all’s said and done) and at the same time be thinking/making about how it would work on stage. Continue reading

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Negotiating the Epic with Sarah A.O. Rosner

As part of Chez Bushwick’s Wednesday night Visual and Media Arts programming they are holding an Artist Salon on the fourth week of the month featuring various topics for exploration moderated by different guest artists. Coming up next Wed. Feb 25th at 7pm, choreographer and media artist Sarah A.O. Rosner will moderate an evening entitled “Negotiating the Epic.”

Whether you define ‘epic work’ by it’s length, detail, or literary definition, epic work has proved to be some of the most engrossing, groundbreaking, and problematic work ever created. Continue reading

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Follow-up to Doug Fox’s Animation Program

Last week we had a great Kinetic Cinema program at Chez Bushwick. Doug Fox (blogger and founder of Great Dance and a budding animator himself) went above and beyond the curatorial call of duty to give us a real feast for the eyes with his survey of eighteen (yes 18!) dance and movement-based animations. Continue reading

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Well it’s lovely to meet you too. (Sarah A.O. joins Move the Frame)

Hello there!

I’m Sarah A.O. – Anna has been kind enough to invite me to blog on Move the Frame on a regular basis. So, yes, i’m thrilled to be here! I guess you could say i’m a dance blogger. You could also say that i’m a choreographer, and dancefilm-maker, as well as newmedia lover/developer. You could also say that I am a lumberjack, but you, my friend, would be wrong on that last one. Since Anna approached me about writing for her blog, i’ve been thinking about how to structure my time and space here. Do i blog theory, or about performances and screenings, or maybe turn my attention to the economics of dancefilm versus performance? I find them all vast and interesting, but luckily there’s a fairly easy answer already in place. Continue reading

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Reminder: Doug Fox’s Dance Animation Program Tonight!

Buzz is spreading about our Kinetic Cinema program tonight featuring Dance Animation picks by Doug Fox, founder and blogger of Great Dance. I’ve been lucky enough to get some advance peeks and can attest that each of the seventeen short works being shown tonight is more beautiful and jaw-dropping than the next. It’s a smorgasbord of delights for the visual and kinetically inclined… Continue reading

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Preview of Doug Fox’s Kinetic Cinema Program on Dance and Animation Feb. 11th

I’m really excited to share with you a preview of Doug Fox’s up-coming screening program at Kinetic Cinema. Doug Fox is a blogger and publishes the dance blog, Great Dance (where Move the Frame started!). This past summer he began studying all forms of animation, especially as they relate to dance and movement. For his screening on Wednesday February 11th at Chez Bushwick he’ll be showing over fifteen clips from video and film animations, that show how directors, artists, choreographers and dancers have used different animation and video editing techniques to capture, illustrate and transform human movement. Continue reading

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