Artist Salon at Chez Bushwick Jan 28th: Video and Performance

Button Happening by Naim June Paik

Button Happening by Naim June Paik

This Wednesday I will be co-hosting the first Artist Salon at Chez Bushwick with choreographer and media artist Jonah Bokaer about the influence of video art on live performance. Starting with Nam June Paik’s first known video, made in 1965 the day he bought the first Sony Portapak, from there we’ll focus on how performance artists have used video ever since. We’ll watch interview footage with the Wooster Group about their use of television and media content in their theatrical works, as well as interviews with Cathy Weis on her dance video processes.

Finally, we’d like to invite you, the audience to bring in work of your own that relates to video and live performance. What performance work is being done today that is in dialogue with new media? Can we distinguish the mediatized from the live anymore? What directions do you see inter-media performance heading in?

To share work, please email us a brief description of what you’d like to show, the total running time (no more than 10 min) and the format for screening. We can show DVD’s, minidv, or quicktime files.


with Jonah Bokaer choreographer and media artist & Anna Brady Nuse choreographer and dance film-maker

Wednesday Jan 28th 7:00-9:00pm $5

Chez Bushwick
304 Boerum St., Buzzer #11
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Trains: L to Morgan Street, exit back of the train. Turn LEFT outside the station. Turn LEFT onto Boerum Street

Electric Haiko by Cathy Weis

Electric Haiku by Cathy Weis


About annabradynuse

I am the Director of Movement Media at Pentacle. I publish Move the Frame, a blog about all things dance and film related. I am a dance film-maker, choreographer, and renaissance woman!
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