New Dance Films Now Playing in German Cinemas

Choreographic Captures screenshot

Choreographic Captures screenshot

Joint Adventures, a German dance and theatre production company has launched an ambitious project called Choreographic Captures to distribute short dance films to German movie houses. To start out, they had an international competition for one minute films. The five winners were just announced and will be played in dozens of cinemas this fall during the ads and movie previews that proceed the feature films.

The motto of the project is “art for those who didn’t ask for it.” This connotes a wonderful guerilla-marketing approach to delivering dance to main stream audiences. Short and snappy, the one minute duration is perfect for web-viewing, and just long enough to give someone a taste for the potency of dance on film. In 2009 they want to expand the reach of the program to international partners. Let’s lobby cinemas State-side to play dance films here!

Check out the winners and all the entrants’ films on the Choreographic Captures website. Forms and information to become a screening partner in 2009 are also available there.

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