Upload…Download…Perform – score-sharing site for experimental performance

I just learned about this fantastic new wiki site, Upload…Download…Perform, that allows people “to share your scores, actions, rituals, choreographed movements, texts, instructions, suggestions, recipes, meditations, etc.” Scores are instructions, either written, visual or oral, that delineate some sort of performance action. Many of the scores on this site are for musicians, but there are a few movement and video scores too.

laundry_dryers.gifMy favorite score so far is Laundry Mat Music by the site’s creator and maintainer, Adam Overton, that calls for a laundry mat, dryers, loose change, and any number of performers. At a designated moment, all the performers start up their dryers with one loose coin inside, and everyone sits quietly and listens to the music that ensues.

This site could also be a great resource for anyone suffering from creative blocks. When you’re too tied up in mental knots to come up with your own ideas, just follow someone else’s lead. No hurt egos if the work totally bombs either.

Check it out and add your movement/video/sound shenanigans to the pot!

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