Move the Frame Turns 1 year old!

It’s Move the Frame’s birthday! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Looking back on my first post, I tackled the unanswerable question of what this genre/medium/interdisciplinary hybrid thing should be called, and 78 posts later, I’m still not sure. If anything I’ve gotten a little less sure, and am not using the term videodance as much. Screendance still sounds boring and dry to me, but I’ve got more respect for the inclusiveness of the term. I like the idea now of a multiplicity of terms, and saying: hey, we all have different interests in dance and media, just call it whatever you want.

To celebrate a year’s worth of late nights putting off much-needed sleep to pursue a very bizarre obsession about a very bizarre subject, here are few of my “Greatest Hits”, one for each month of this year.

Phillipine Prisoners Resurrect Busby Berkeley. This was my second post ever, and probably my best to date! I wish I could pull an article like this out everytime I sit down to write!

Viva la dance dance revolution! This was my wild idealist phase 🙂

Papelbon Dance I’m actually a Yankee’s fan, but the fact that Jonathan Papelbon has increased dance appreciation around Red Sox Nation is blog-worthy in my book.

Project Bandaloop Straddles Different Definitions of Performance. I liked this strange merging of the commercial world with avant gard performance.

Introducing Kinetic Cinema (and reflecting on 2007) My screening series, Kinetic Cinema became a recurring topic of critique and reflection in 2008.

Second Life: A Puppet Play for the 21st Century. I’m still wrapping my brain around real-time performance in Second Life.

Thoughts on Curating: How to Bring About a Shift In Perception. This article was the genesis of my paper at the Screendance Conference at ADF this year.

Miss Behavior: Video Art and the Female Body at Kinetic Cinema. Thoughts after viewing very cool feminist video art presented by Jonah Bokaer at Kinetic Cinema.

Godard and Waters do the Madison I wrote this for Ferdy On Films’ Dance Movie Blogathon. Later my investigation into these two directors’ use of dance showed up in my new videodance, Fünf ‘n’ Twist when I shot the prom scenes this summer.

Bad Dance, Good Cinema, and Why It’s All Better Than Boring Kriota Willberg’s Kinetic Cinema program, The Worst of the Best was very stimulating!

Artist Driven Curating and How it Could Help Galvanize a Screendance Movement. Thoughts and ruminations provoked by my participation in the Screendance: State of the Art2 Conference at ADF this summer.

The Making of Fünf ‘n’ Twist A new videodance I’m making about a teenage couple and their rite of passage at the Prom. Weird and wonderful! Check out the photos and clips.

“PRIME MOVER” Screening Raises Questions of Merit & Worth of Dance Films Reflections on the most recent Kinetic Cinema program, and the difference between visual arts-based dance media works vs. cinema-based dance media.

That brings us pretty much to the present! I think I’ve matured and gotten a little more serious over the course of the year. Maybe I need to bring back some more Papelbon and Phillippine Prisoners. What do you think?

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3 Responses to Move the Frame Turns 1 year old!

  1. Congratulations, Anna! Your blog is a wonderful source of information and inspiration for the rest of us. Keep ’em coming – Philippine Prisoners and all! 🙂

  2. Anna Brady Nuse says:

    Thanks Lindsay 🙂

  3. Boris Willis says:

    Congratulations Anna. Love your blog!!!!

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