Worst of the Best at Kinetic Cinema June 2nd

Don’t miss the last Kinetic Cinema before we break for the summer!


“Staying Alive” dir. Sylvester Stallone, “Showgirls”
dir. Paul Verhoeven

On Monday June 2nd, choreographer and dance
filmmaker Kriota Willberg will host
 The Worst
of the Best
, a tour of inspiringly bad dance films from the early 1900’s to the
present. Truly awful dance is powerful art.  We react strongly to it as an
audience, we relate our horrible experiences to our friends and warn them away
from it, we laugh, we seethe, we remember it far longer than
“good” dance, and possibly longer than “great” dance.   Join us for
film and discussion as we chase that ethereal muse, Badness
, through the work of generations of dance film artists.

Kinetic Cinema
Monday June 2nd, 7:30pm

$5 Admission (buy tix at the door)

279 Church
(just south of White Street)
New York, NY 10013
Trains: 1 to Franklin;
A, C, E to Canal

MORE INFO: www.movetheframe.com

Kinetic Cinema at Collective:Unconscious explores the intersection
of dance and the moving image both on screen and stage. Each month curator Anna
Brady Nuse invites a special guest from the dance community to share the films
and videos that have inspired or moved them. These could be films that feature
dance, are kinetic-based, or have been influential on their work in some way.
The guest curators come from a range of backgrounds as performers, choreographers,
critics, and filmmakers. In the fall upcoming guests will include Elizabeth
Zimmer (Oct 5th),  Maya Ciarrocchi (Nov 3rd), and new films by
Anna Brady Nuse & friends (Dec 1st).

KRIOTA WILLBERG has danced and choreographed in Germany, Chicago,
and New York.
In addition to working with her company, Dura Mater, Willberg choreographs for
commercial, theatrical, and other dance productions. Dance choreography for
film includes The Bentfootes  (dir. K. Willberg and Todd Alcott),
Grasshopper  (dir. Todd Alcott), Dreamgirl (dir. Robbie Busch), and
On The Road With Judas (dir. JJ Lask). She has passed her basic proficiency
tests in Single Sword and Broadsword techniques from the Society of American
Fight Directors (SAFD) and occasionally includes fight choreography in her own
work and for others. Her article on dance and stage combat was published in the
SAFD magazine, The Fightmaster. Her ballerina tattoo was featured in Dance

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