Boris Willis Finishes Dance-A-Day on Sunday May 11th


Boris Willis

In the dance blog world, Boris Willis is a bit of a rock star. He’s been posting a dance video every day on his blog, since May 11, 2007 and now this Sunday he will make his final post. If you take a quick perusal of Boris’ blog, you will see that he has gone on an amazing and profound journey full of experimentation, discovery and varied terrains. From his first video shot in a parking lot demonstrating effeminate gestures, to an entire month of posts about important sites of Black history in Washington DC, as well as 43 collaborations with the fabulous composer, David Morneau (who has also been posting a composition a day on his blog 60×, Willis covers the entire range of styles, experiments, and types of improvisation one can do with dance and a camera.

This is a lasting and valuable collection of videodance for the web 2.0 era. Thank you Boris for your tireless commitment to this adventure and sharing it with us everyday.

Check out his blog at, and be sure to send him off with style!

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One Response to Boris Willis Finishes Dance-A-Day on Sunday May 11th

  1. Boris Willis says:

    Thanks Anna. I just posted the final danceaday video and I am in a soup of limbo and wonder. A year of my life is documented on the web. I turned 40 in that year, moved to a new city and met some amazing people some I have met in person and some like you I have not. One of the reasons I love doing danceaday is because it makes me feel like an artist everyday. I work as a tour guide and while it is a fun performing job it is not very creative and I don’t get to dance. My dad would often start a project and not finish it and my mother drilled into my head the words “finish what you start” I wish she was here to see this because I hear her voice and imagine her nodding with approval although I don’t think she would understand it at all.
    Ok well I can tell I have a lot to say so I will stop here.

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