A Great Week for Dance Film Lovers (especially in NYC)

Yes, that’s right! There is a lot going on this week that you should know about…

First, you won’t want to miss Kinetic Cinema tonight (5/5) curated by downtown dance fav Levi Gonzalez. Levi has brought out a bunch of friends to share
cutting edge dance videos and talk about experimentalism in dance and film. Come
see new videodances by Melanie Maar, Sarah White, Theo Angell, Yasuko Yokoshi,
Hedia Maron, ChameckiLerner, and much more! 

Be one of the first 10 to arrive and get a free Corona
for Cinco de Mayo!
Kinetic Cinema
Monday May 5th,
7:30pm (and the first Monday of every month)
$5 Admission
(buy tix at the door)

279 Church
Street (just south of White Street)
New York, NY
Trains: 1 to
Franklin; A, C, E to Canal

Tomorrow night is Dance Film Lab at DTW, moderated by the wonderful Zach Morris of Third Rail Projects. This salon brings dance filmmakers together to present raw footage, drafts, works-in-progress and newly finished films to their peers for constructive feedback, to share information, and address technical, practical and artistic challenges. The lab is free and open to the public, though reservations are necessary.

Contact Zach Morris for more information and to RSVP.

Meeting Details:
Dance Film Lab
Tuesday, May 6, 8-10pm
at Dance Theater Workshop (DTW)
219 West 19th Street
(between 7th and 8th Aves)
Phone: (212) 691-6500

Last but not least, yesterday marked the beginning of the week-long Dance Movie Blogathon! Marilyn Ferdinand over at Ferdy on Films has organized this fabulous web event in which dozens of dance and film bloggers (including yours truly) will be blogging about dance on the silver screen. Check out her blog during the week for links to all the great blog entries around the web. There are already a number of fabulous posts up including:

Jonathan Lapper at Cinema Styles goes Beyond Routine: Choreography and Dance and ponders the greatest dance number on film (or do you disagree?). Check out his great moving banner.

Glenn Kenny from Premiere.com offers some great screen caps from four films by Jean-Luc Godard.

Danielle Gordon
grapples with the definition of a dance movie at Lady Wakasa’s Journal and promises a week of posts that try to answer that question in the broadest way possible.

So, as you can see, there is a lot to see and do this week for the dance film maven! Unfortunately I have to finish up a major school assignment this week as well, so I will need to rely on my commentators more than usual to give me the run down on all the week’s events. Hope to hear from you soon!

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