Follow-up to Malinda Allen’s Kick-ass Kinetic Cinema Program


Malinda Allen’s “Other Games”, photo: Antoine Lutens

For Monday night’s Kinetic Cinema screening at Collective:Unconscious, Malinda Allen, a fabulous dancer/choreographer and now CURATOR, presented the most bad-ass, inspiring evening of dance films and videos I’ve ever seen. It truly rocked! From YouTube video mash-ups to Busby Berkeley to experimental motion-capture studies, she had everything in there. The best thing was that she wove all the clips together like a travel log through dance in media, mixing in fun facts (like how Phillipe Découflé and Spike Jonze have the same birthday) and juicy stories throughout.

For those who came, and those who wished they were there, here is a link to Malinda’s YouTube channel where you can see clips of most of the videos she showed as well as others that she digs.

I’ll leave you with the final short of the evening, Malinda’s own “Other Games.” (BTW, she got her landlord to repair the holes in the walls of her hallway for free! This girl is brilliant…)

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