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Strategies and Tips for Making Dance Web Videos

To me, the video element of a dance company’s web presence is super important. Nothing can come closer to showing someone what your work is, short of witnessing it live. However, making a highly effective dance video is a very different process from making a highly effective dance for the stage. Not just that, but a dance video should be catered specifically to the type of screens it will be viewed on. Here is a short list of tips for making effective dance videos for the web.
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Invitation to the Dance Movie Blogathon May 4-10

Dance bloggers and dance film lovers everywhere, mark your calendars now for the first ever Dance Movie Blogathon happening May 4-10, 2008!

I can’t claim credit for this great idea, that honor goes to Marilyn Ferdinand who publishes the Ferdy on Films, etc. blog. She is organizing this fabulous event to bring awareness to the important contributions dance has made to cinema since its beginnings from Edison’s Serpentine Dance to the latest Hollywood dance hits like Step it Up 2: The Streets.
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Thoughts on Curating – How to Bring About a Shift in Perception

I credit almost all of my understanding of what screendance is, to watching curated programs at various dance film festivals. The genre is very hard to describe, because dance for the camera could mean anything really. The very definition of film and video is moving pictures, and dancing is only a slightly more specific word for moving. Creating special programs of films that are organized around a specific idea helps to provide a lens for viewing work in a different way. By grouping films under a new name, you can embue them with meanings they didn’t necessary have before.
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Follow-up to Malinda Allen’s Kick-ass Kinetic Cinema Program

For Monday night’s Kinetic Cinema screening, Malinda Allen, a fabulous dancer/choreographer and now CURATOR, presented the most bad-ass, inspiring evening of dance films and videos I’ve ever seen. It truly rocked! From YouTube video mash-ups to Busby Berkeley to experimental motion-capture studies, she had everything in there.
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