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Malinda Allen Goes Off the Wall at Kinetic Cinema March 3rd

On Monday March 3rd, don’t miss the next kick-ass Kinetic Cinema!
Sharing the work of her favorite choreographers and filmmakers, guest curator Malinda Allen hosts a night filled with ideas for the aspiring dance filmmaker. Her evening will include stories and behind-the-scenes info about film and video projects from the popular to the avant-garde and underground. Local artists on the program include Jonah Bokaer (who will be curating KC on April 7th) and Akim the Funk Buddha, as well as a screening of Malinda’s own experimental short, “Other Games.”
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One of the best studio-produced dance films in recent history

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Step Up 2 should be required viewing for anybody interested in the development of dance on film. The storyline is totally forgettable, but the movie is packed with awesome dancing, shot with an amazing understanding of camera movement, beautifully lit, playful with things like frame rate without being too heavy handed with it, and cut in such a way that it is fast paced, but doesn’t let you miss any of the important aspects of the dance.
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Opportunities to screen your dance films & videos

In case you haven’t noticed, there is page called Dance Film Submission Deadlines (under the Background section of this blog) that I’ve been up-dating regularly with new opportunities for dance filmmakers. There’s lots of great stuff coming up to submit your work to. Check out this list for submission deadlines for the next three months.
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Experimental Artists are Still Misunderstood, Despite Nod on YouTube

Yesterday a friend of mine forwarded me an email that said “CALL TO ARMS, of the utmost importance!” in the subject line. The urgent message was that a video of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s famous “Helicopter String Quartet” had been chosen as a feature for YouTube’s homepage (in the online video world, this is like hitting the viral jackpot) but, due to the far out and wacky nature of this piece, the video was getting tons of derogatory comments and awful reviews from users. The email I received was a call to all supporters of the avant garde to get on YouTube and counteract the blasphemy taking place.
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Second Life Spoof Proves My Puppetry Theory

Here’s a hilarious video of real people impersonating the way avatars move in Second Life. If I didn’t know they were mimicking Second Life, I would think they were acting like demented puppets or 80’s Atari characters.
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Second Life: a Puppet Play for the 21st Century

Monday night I got my first taste of Second Life in Brian McCormick’s Kinetic Cinema program at Collective:Unconscious. I must admit, I came in to the evening with a lot of preconceptions about how I was going to interpret the SL performance. As a dancer and filmmaker, it seemed like dance in Second life was still light years behind the fluidity and grace of “first life” dance whether on screen or stage. However, upon witnessing SL Ballet’s performance in real time, I was surprised and struck with admiration for what they were doing with their medium.
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Super Kinetic Monday – Tonight!

What comes between Superbowl Sunday and Super Tuesday?
Super Kinetic Cinema Monday!
Come check out a fabulous program of cutting edge movement-based films and videos, curated by Brian McCormick. From a 1987 collaboration between Elizabeth Streb and Mary Lucier to the latest online virtual spectacles of Second Life Ballet, you will be blown away!
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