Reminder: Kinetic Cinema/Dance On Camera Festival screening tonight!

Just a friendly reminder about the Dance On Camera Festival screening tonight curated by yours truly for Kinetic Cinema at Collective:Unconscious at 7:30pm.

Featuring seven fantastic international shorts including Feist’s music video “1234” choreographed by Noémie LaFrance, Charlotte Griffin’s sexy “Raven Study”, and Victoria Marks’ political duet “Not About Iraq,” you’re sure to find something to get excited about in this program.

Don’t get left out! Make your reservation now before this underground, hipster hole-in-the-wall sells out!

Kinetic Cinema – 2008 Dance On Camera Festival Shorts Program
Monday January 7th 7:30pm (and the first Monday of every month thereafter)
$5 admission

@ Collective:Unconscious
279 Church Street (just south of White Street)
New York, NY 10013
Trains: A to Canal or 1 to Franklin
TICKETS: 212.352.3101

Program descriptions:
Feist175x100.jpgFEIST – “1234”
Patrick Daughters, USA, 2007, 3.14min
LaFrance, known for making large-scale site-specific performances,
choreographed this award-winning music video for the artist Feist with
45 dancers and a roving camera. (To be introduced by the choreographer)

Elif Isikozlu, Canada, 2006,3m
is a moment when you have neither left the place you’re in nor entered
the one you’re going to. It is the moment just before you play your
first note, just before you walk out on stage, just before you tell
someone you don’t love them anymore. Balanced on the brink, “betwixt
and between”, BLUE takes place within this moment, within the threshold
between silence and sound.

RavenStudy151x105.jpgRAVEN STUDY
Charlotte Griffin, USA, 2007, 4:30m
images bookend this abstract fusion of dance and new music capturing
the spirit of the Raven within a sleek cinematic canvas. (To be
introduced by the director)

Sergio Cruz, England, 2006, 3m
crew of urban B-boys from Brighton go feral in the city’s surrounding
natural landscapes. The piece was co-choreographed by Strictly Dance
Fever’s JP Omari with a group of 8-14 year-old dancers.

PanoramaRoma175x169.jpgPANORAMA ROMA
Anna de Manincor, Italy, 2005, 12m
by the artists collective, ZimmerFrei, Panorama Roma is a crossing of
performance, visual arts and cinema (reminiscent of the earliest
panoramas by Lumiére, Edison, and Alber Khan). A 12 hour performance
took place in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome and was recorded by two
rotating video cameras. In this naturally elliptic set the camera, as
if it were a watch, completes a 360° round in 60 minutes. The resulting
footage was compressed 20 times to obtain one hour visible in three
minutes. The performers, moving in slow motion, were placed amongst the
passersby to depict a parallel world taking place in a different time

Olive Bieringa, USA, 2007, 10m
A visceral,
painterly and sometimes humorous hallucination amidst the ruins of an
abandoned bomb factory in Minnesota produced by the Body Cartography
Project. The music consists of found sounds like a bullet rolling
across broken cement,  while three men engage in acts of quiet
violence, and noisy interaction.

notaboutiraq.jpgNOT ABOUT IRAQ
Victoria Marks and David Soll, USA, 2007, 12m
About Iraq” questions the relationship between words and experience,
government rhetoric and reality. Can dance be a force for social
change? Seeking to reconcile civic and artistic engagement, Victoria
Marks explores how dance can conjure meaning and action through
metaphoric interpretation. 

photo: Scott Groller
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