Dance On Camera Festival Part 2

Horizon of Exile
HorizonOfExilefacesmall.gifThe last two nights were cold and blustery. It made the treks out to the Walter Reade Theater for the opening days of the Dance On Camera Festival feel like a expedition to the Yukon in search of gold. Watching Program 2 I found a few flashes that caught my eye. Isabel Rocamora’s HORIZON OF EXILE is gorgeously shot in the deserts of Chile. The setting, cinematography, and overall mood was mesmerizing, but I was hoping to feel more of an emotional punch from the subject matter of women in exile. To me the choreography was a little overwrought, but perhaps I was a victim of my own expectations. Chamecki/Lerner’s “FLYING DAYS” was my favorite of the night. Cute, whimsical and to the point. The Pina Bausch documentary was interesting if you are already a fan. For Pina devotees it has some wonderful moments with the mistress of avant spectacle herself, with some candid memories of the tough early years.

Here After
Here-After.gifLast night I caught the only screening of Vim Vandekeybus’ new film “HERE AFTER” made with his Belgian dance company Ultima Vez. It was amazing. I usually can’t take too much angst, but somehow I was able to stomach this relentless Freudian vision of hell and actually enjoyed it. It was dark beyond belief but the choreography and camera work were so engaging and gripping, I just couldn’t take my eyes away. There is a scene of women putting men (who are playing babies) on poles, and I was reminded of a joke by the British comedian Eddie Izzard that there are certain subjects you just can’t sell on screen, like putting babies on spikes. Well, now I’ve seen it…

Tonight’s programs are both of shorts. I highly recommend the 6:15pm screening of Classic shorts. These are some of the best dance for the camera pieces made in the past 20 years. Come out from the cold and be carried away by some REAL moving pictures!

(Fri Jan 4: 6:15pm)

Program 8
(Fri Jan 4: 8:30pm; repeats Fri Jan 11: 6:15pm)

Live performance by Company XIV on January 11th
Program introduced by dancer extraordinaire Richard Move

Dance On Camera Festival @ the Walter Reade Theatre
Lincoln Center Plaza,165 West 65th Street
(1 train to 66th Street)
Warning: due to construction at Lincoln Ctr you need to walk west on 65th street from Broadway, go up a flight of stairs on the right to get to the box office.

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