Dance Film Lab next week! (and other happenings)

Hi All.

I apologize for the sparse postings the past couple of weeks. I’ve been slammed with school work at the end of the semester (I’m studying Media Management at the New School). I’ll share some of the wealth of my newly acquired knowledge soon, but in the meantime, here are some dance film/video events coming up this month.

Next Tuesday, December 11th
Dance Film Lab
@ South 4th Bar in Williamsburg
90 South 4th Street @ Berry
Subways: L at Bedford, J,M,Z at Marcy Ave.
Phone: 718.218.7478
8pm, free

The bi-monthly Dance Film Lab is a friendly gathering of folks interested in dance for the camera. People share their works (in any stage of progress) and get constructive feedback from the group. We all get to share who we are, what we’re doing, and what we need (which often gets miraculously granted!). And our gracious moderator Zach Morris (of Third Rail Projects blog) always makes everyone feel very warm and welcome. So come out, but shoot an email Zach first just so he knows you’re coming.

Last night I attended the DANCE MOViES Commission workshop run by my friend Hélène Lesterlin, dance curator at EMPAC (Experimental Media Performing Arts Center) in Troy, NY. It was a very inspiring presentation about the commission and the possibilities for creative experimentation in dance and media at EMPAC. The ratio of commission awards to applicants is very low, however I think it is still well worth applying to, for the process alone, and also to show the funding community that there are a lot of American artists out there that want to make dance for screen. Eventually other funders will sign on and join EMPAC’s efforts to support this fantastic genre. So Viva EMPAC and DANCE MOViES!

There is a wonderful festival in the Netherlands this month that I wish I could attend, called Dancing on the Edge: Confronting Dance from the Middle East. It’s a dance festival with a dance film component curated by Cinedans. The dance films are all from the Middle East, or made by artists from there, and tackle many topics from “West Bank Story” – a remake of the famous musical with competing Falafel stands and a taboo Israeli Palestinian love affair – to  “Horizon of Exile” a breath-taking installation about two Iraqi women torn between their country and their need to escape. Incidentally “Horizon of Exile” will be shown this January in New York during the Dance On Camera Festival. I can’t wait to see it!

So if you are in the Netherlands or thereabouts I highly recommend you check this festival out.

Dancing on the Edge
Confronting Dance from the Middle East
Amsterdam: 12-16 december
Rotterdam: 13-18 december
Groningen: 11-12 & 18-19 december

And to leave you with some moving images to muse over, my friend Hope Hall, a filmmaker, and occasional dance filmmaker, hipped me to this blog, La Blogotheque, where she shot one of their videos in the TakeAway Series. Essentially they shoot a band performing in some non-traditional space all in one take, and then post the take on their blog. Seems like a great idea for a videodance series too.

This is one of those TakeAways, and while it’s really a music video, it does have some adorable dancing, and it’ll make you want to move. So take it away!

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3 Responses to Dance Film Lab next week! (and other happenings)

  1. clare Byrne says:

    Amazing. The kid in this video is moving magically and perfectly — I don’t know how else to say it — I’m completely riveted. The whole video has a really nice feel.

  2. Anna Brady Nuse says:

    Yeah, I thought so too. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Tonya says:

    Oh, I wish so much I was in the Netherlands right now! Thanks for posting about the dance film lab meetup in Williamsburg. I can’t come this week (NYCB Nut) but would love to come to a future meeting.

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