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Videodance Gift Ideas

It’s hard to find gifts related to dance for the camera, so before you fruitlessly Google search, here’s a list to get you started:
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Up-coming Dance Film Submission Deadlines

I just added a new page called Dance Film Submission Deadlines on the upper-right side bar listing up-coming festival and funding deadlines for submissions. I’ll try to keep this list up-dated frequently, but let me know about other opportunities I may have missed by sending me an email or commenting here.
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Project Bandaloop Straddles Different Definitions of Performance

I’m taking a class in Media Economics at the New School, and while doing research on online advertising, I came across an ad campaign by ValueClick Media called “The Performance Interviews.” As a videodancemaker I immediately noticed their banner ad, which contained a small video depicting a Bay Area aerial dance group called Project Bandaloop. The video was eye-catching and compelling, but what struck me as strange was that interspersed with the dance footage were marketing consultants talking about what “performance” means to them.
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Isaac Julien’s “Cast No Shadow” at BAM

Last night I saw Isaac Julien’s Cast No Shadow, created in collaboration with choreographer Russell Maliphant, at BAM as part of the Next Wave Festival and PERFORMA07. Like Claudia La Rocco’s review in the New York Times from Nov 8th, I was ecstactically overwhelmed by Julien’s films, and frustratingly underwhelmed by Maliphant’s choreography.
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November Videodance Happenings

There are a bunch of intriguing dance film & video events happening this month both here in New York City and around the world. Below is a list of some I’ve come across. I’ve grouped them by location with New York City events first, then branching out internationally. If you know of some others to include feel free to comment here and share with the videodance community.
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Responding to “Your Audience”

I received some great responses to my rather angry rant on Halloween: “Your Audience, Love ’em or Hate ’em?,” in which I complained about feeling contempt from experimental dance artists towards their audiences.

Levi Gonzalez, a brave soul from the NYC dance scene provided a wonderful counter-comment to my post which challenged me to clarify my thoughts and be more specific about my problems. Now I can condense it to basically this: I don’t feel like experimental artists think about communication enough.
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Chair Dances for the Video Age

If any of you have studied dance at an institution of higher learning than you will be very familiar with the most popular dance composition assignment ever: the chair dance. Even if you never went to school for dance, I am pretty sure you have seen a chair dance at some student concert you were dragged to. The most common type you will see is the angsty chair dance. Usually performed by a soloist, in this particularly virulent strain the dancer pours every fiber of her being into communing with the source of her greatest pain and sorrow, the empty chair. I have made and endured watching many a chair dance in my day, and it got to the point where if I saw another one, I thought I might possibly slit my throat.
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