Wiki barn-raising for videodance Pt. 2

village barn dance by Mollie King
The village barn dance [music]
by Mollie King — Montreal Delmar music, c1909

Let the shindig begin!

Briefly, I’m happy to announce that I’ve framed out an article about Videodance on Wikipedia. The barn-raising has begun! It is by no means finished, but at least the basic foundation and frame is there. Please help put up some posts and beams in there! You can just nail in a shingle, or board up the whole outside. Whatever you feel inspired to do is wonderful.

Some info and tips about using Wikipedia:

As Shosana of Dancespiration observed, Wikipedia is a complicated beast. First you will need to register and sign all your rights away to any material you put up there, and then you need to promise that you will not plagiarize or use anyone else’s content without their consent. Even then that may not be good enough, so just get used to screen after screen of expository legalese as you first get initiated to the Wiki program.  All this is in the name of the free-flow of information, so it’s cool…

Then, when you get initiated, you can edit any material you want,
however you will need to get used to their formatting system which is a
form of text code. I recommend keeping their tutorial window open as you go about making your first edit. It will save much time and frustration.

When you go to the Videodance article you will see at the bottom that I classified it as a “stub“.
This means that it is an incomplete article in need of expansion. You
can just click on that line to get to an edit window for the whole
article, or you can click on the [edit] links at the end of every
section in the article.  We should keep the article classified as a
stub for a while until it is completely constructed and decked out with
references, notes and links. Once she’s roofed and shingled then we can
have a good ole contra dance!

“Barn Dance” from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

is good to internally link to any names or items that may have articles
in Wikipedia (many things do, so just use the [[double brackets]] and
preview to see if it links). If it does it will show up as blue, if not
it will show up as red.  Also, if you state a fact, they like it if you
provide an end note and reference your source at the bottom under
“Notes”.  Any external links you make should also be listed at the
bottom under “Links”.

Oy, now after all this defining and polemical thought, I’ve got to go study my media management coursework… No rest for the weary, but I’m feeling productive today!

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4 Responses to Wiki barn-raising for videodance Pt. 2

  1. Shoshana Rose says:

    BRAVO Anna!

    Now if I can just learn Wiki!….it’s not at all easy. And it is not as if I am not somewhat computer saavy.

    My Wiki username is Dancepiration, in case there’s a way for all the videodance users to be in a group? Like I said, I still need to learn Wiki.

    Love the hoe down videodance!



  2. Shoshana Rose says:

    Have a question for you Anna:

    Do yo think that videodances could become commercial products? Perhaps someone is already doing this–selling their videodances and/or clips?

  3. Anna Brady Nuse says:

    YES, absolutely, and they already are. There are so many commercials that are videodances out there today: Hummer, Gap, Target, and others to name a few. Maria from A Time to Dance recently posted about this trend here:
    I think that what you are asking though is can videodance for it’s own sake be commercial? I believe so, and it’s starting to happen, however it hasn’t emerged yet as a commercial success. DV8 has been very successful with “The Cost of Living”, which has been distributed fairly widely and achieved something of a cult status. Guy Madden did a Dracula film with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet that wasn’t hugely successful, but it was widely distributed. My point is this form is already evident in a lot of commercial work, but it hasn’t been recognized widely as it’s own form. Instead it is used to promote other products or genres (like music videos, musical films, tv commercials, etc.). With education, marketing and advocacy it could become more widely recognized in the commercial realm as it’s own unique form.

  4. Doug Fox says:


    I liked that collection of video ads with dancers that Maria put together.

    Here’s YouTube video of trailer of “Cost of Living.”

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