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Palissimo: Weddings & Beheadings

Jared Frank, USA, 2009

A video of excerpts from Palissimo’s psychosexual show, “Weddings & Beheadings”, Jared Frank boils the live performance down to a minute and a half.

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Marianne Delehanty, USA, 2009

This student work, while ostensibly a dance-drama about escaping from vampires, is intended as an allegory, depicting the struggle to break free from conformists.

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Natasha Tsakos, Switzerland/USA, 2007

This is a promotional video for UP WAKE, a solo performance created and developed by Natasha Tsakos. The performance takes place on a bare stage with a single actor, but a larger world is suggested through inventive uses of  CGI and synchronized sound effects.

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Alejandra Ceri, Argentina, 2007

In this intimate video, Alejandra Ceri divorces body parts from their spatiotemporal sequencing, focusing on close-ups of individual body parts. The video creates a sense of motion with the play of light on skin.

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Tori Sparks, USA, 2008

Twin dark angels on a snowy stark landscape perform against a backdrop of punk music. Choreographer Tori Sparks explores the concept of strength in numbers that battles the need for individual freedon.

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Cracks in the Wall

Lily Sloan, USA, 2009

This student short explores the mundane and monotonous nature of a living space. Choreographer and dancer Lily Sloan uses camerawork to highlight the subtleties and repetition of daily life.

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